Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shout out to the rappers in the fam.....

an up an comer, Canadian, currently based in Montreal, formerly from Edmonton and Regina.
Yo cuz' go cuz'


In the attempts to make me feel better a very good friend of mine tried to entice me to a cooking school in Malaga (area) Spain instead of Tuscany. Reason being this place is offering a 2fer1 in May $980usd flat for 2 people for a week, ground transport, accommodation, meals, school, tours for 6 nights. Such a deal!
Soooo tempting but I'm broke and still broken. Food for thought tho, (no pun intended) perhaps next year. The proprietors hail from Seattle.

Locked in my room on very sunny day

I feel like crap.
Went to work, no, let me re-phrase that, I went to the parkade, burst into tears, called in sick and went home.
It is sunny, I didn't really LOCK myself in my room but I did roll back the covers and shut the doors - don't want to talk to anyone, don't want to see anyone, the window is open, the wasps are flying in and out, the birdies are sort of singing, little children are babbling infrequently.
Soup, clear consomme, licorice tea, perrier, hope that fixes what ails me.
And of course T-1's for the screaming headache I've had all day.
Don't you feel better now?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feels like Wednesday

Wow, what a day - intense-o-meter scale of 8. I suppose that is low for that place.
Accomplished alot, thought it was Wednesday, didn't know it was lunch at noon, and at 3pm thought it was 4pm
Another day like that tomorrow I bet.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ahhhh Victoria

You have to love Victoria - not too terribly busy here today. Sunny on and off and just plain lovely. Chinatown was fun, lunch at Irish Times pub is always a favourite and dinner at Earls with the best company in the world, Ruth and Amanda.
I must remember to get some Rogers chocolates before I leave. I'm staying a the Huntingdon Inn and Suites - it was always there to be stayed in - intrigued me with it's equestrian charm - all the riding/hunting themes; anyway the room is fine, kitchenette even. very quiet and close to everything.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It is all good.

Well the Sunday baby visitation turned out pretty well. Baby is so very sweet, just a little peanut and in very good shape.
The new mom was very calm and in good spirits and the new dad is sooo focused on his new son and his wife - was impressed.

Met with the gramma on Monday night and got caught up there - that was a fun visit. Talk about power talking - on your mark, set, go - current affairs all wrapped up in 2 hours. It was like she never left town.

Work has been very extreme the last couple of days - I'm exhausted by this and just the whole healing process. It will be nice to get away this weekend.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How do I let this happen?

Did I speak of the interruptions - continuous - so much for getting any work done this weekend.
I needed to go out and get rubbermaid bins to sort a job that never should have ended up in bins in the first place.
Then I had to go out and get an industrial strength tarp to put our shed roof and entrails on in order to transport it places. Like the dump.
Then I had to conjure up dinner, then it was time to go to the Vancouver Welsh Mens Choir - tick that one off my list. I had higher expectations.

The baby is born and Kamloops is in town - paying respects will chew up Sunday but it is something that has to be done. I don't know how that episode will turn out.

I have to get in touch with my BCIT student - she will think I've forgotten her. But on the other hand she could call me - unless she is volunteering for the paralympics too.

Well it is time to turn the clocks forward - don't want to miss any part of tomorrow.
early up and maybe I can get some work done. Ya, that is it - that is what I'll do - go fast - ride like the wind - Focus, damn it, focus!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I must say this is more fun than facebook

How sad is that title? I remember how long it took me to gather friends. I only have one follower of this. I guess I should tell some people I'm doing this.

I do believe the red car is FINALLY leaving the yard tonight. Yay! Money for the boy and driveway room for me. Oh I truly hope so. This has been a long time coming.

I've hit the wall at work for 2 days - kind of procrastinating on a project there - MUST, absolutely MUST remedy that tomorrow. Time is of the essence. I just know that someone will interrupt me (many times) when I'm trying to get my head wrapped around what it is I NEED to do.

Then, too, I end up interrupting myself because the anticpated interruptions don't materialize. Sheesh?

Well I must do one thing right now (for taxes) and then I'll go read a chapter in the book "Infidel"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do I change this?

Can you tell me how I can get my "Tiki Head" photo to appear on the blogs that I follow and I want "Ouij's Musings" to appear with the Tiki Head instead of thirdpartyevents.

Inquiring minds want to know. Is there a help section anywhere?

Mango Lime Salmon on Tropical Watercress Salad - Recipes - Food - Canadian Living

Mango Lime Salmon on Tropical Watercress Salad - Recipes - Food - Canadian Living

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I told you about this

I told you about this - MUSINGS - It is all about the musings.
Good night!

There's a skunk outside!

So I'm sitting here doing this and something goes bumpity bump bump a the corner of the house outside - it had reverberated at my feet, that is how close I am to the corner of the house on the inside. I ask my husband to investigate - I didn't think skunks just randomly bump up the side of your house; he doesn't see it but he can sure smell it so I go upstairs to the bedroom, open the window and yup, I smell it too. We know it is around here - we saw in on our back street one evening. A very large roly-poly doddling critter, a big critter this one was. Glistening fur and that white stripe. I'll have to tell you about the racoons in the house another time. And the young squirrel in the house too. Then there are stories about Stanley and Leisha. Poor Stan, he tried so hard to be nice - he got awful headaches. Poor kitty, Poor Stan.


My poor blackberry; well maybe just poor me!
My problem is threefold: 1) I can't get it to cross-sync to my outlook calendar on my laptop 2) my laptop only has this year's info in the calendar, my bb has way more. 3) one of the email addresses that I have going to it won't give me the option to delete on both my bb and my email.
I'll have to contact BB I guess, that is not a fun time for me. It is difficult dealing with techies. - more patience for me - I have to have all my facts straight before I make the call. And then they manage to get me rattled and ask me hard questions.
I pay people to get this stuff figured out. It should just work. Of course it should - the store that I got my BB from is no help. They just sell the equipment - The girl I bought mine from isn't there anymore - she is the reason I bought - she was so helpful and knowledgeable but alas, she went off to her 'dream job', like I said, Poor Me!

Travel this year so far

Well not so far but far enough. Went to Vegas with a friend - what a friend indeed. I hope you all have friends that think enough of you to wheel you around town in a wheel chair. I'm so flattered. We had a great time and all our seats were changed at the shows to accommodate my mode of transportation. Like I said before - this has been an interesting experience, this injury of mine.

Anyway it is always nice to get away - the mountains I looked down upon from the airplane were all covered in snow - reminded me of the 7 minute frosting my mom used to make to ice cakes with. Even the hills that surrounded Vegas were covered in snow.

Next weekend I'm going to Victoria to see my cousin Ruth. She has just come back from a month in Hawaii. She had to participate in the Tsunami warning and she and friends all had to go to higher ground for the day - they left their condo at 5 am and returned about 4pm.

I say this about vacations - you must do things that you wouldn't normally do and if you don't have fun it is your own darn fault.

I'm going to Whistler for a weekend in April to work on a conference for some doctors. That will be a nice getaway even if I am working. Then we were planning a bit of a BC trip in June/July - but we'll see.

Oh and the highlight of my life - the Mars plane ride - TBA. shivver teehee, can hardly wait.
Oh yes and we have been invited to a 90 yr old birthday party - It is all about family and friends
Sure would like to go camping again. Been to long since I did that. We have a great tent and it is fairly new. I set it up in the back yard last year to see how all the pieces fit - they fit! That is what happened when I started to clean out the shed - I put up the tent - I wonder sometimes if I'm not afflicted with a bit of ADD. That sort of sidetracking happens to me when I want to really go to town and clean the house. I end up building something when I was really about to wash a floor. It isn't quite like procrastination but definitely sidetracking.

For Sale

I've got a lovely bunch of accordions.
See them all standing in a row.
Big ones, small ones, some of them come in red;
Give them a squish, a flick of the switch
I must be out of my head!

Piano accordions, concertinas, button boxes, a couple from Russia. You want 'em, we got 'em


Why should I know where the paper is? It doesn't belong to me and no one gave it to me for safekeeping or filing so why should I know where it is?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Da Plane Boss, Da Plane!

so earlier, as in late February I mentioned that my favourite airplane was coming to Steveston's Garry Point Park. Well that it did. I met the Mayor and a counsellor and some other city staff who were so very kind to me (not because of my crutches but that sure helped) but because of my dad being very instrumental (no pun intended) in the health and welfare of these magnificent aircraft.

I was on a mission that day to seek out and introduce myself to the current owner. Success - we had a lovely chat and I now have his word that when spring test runs take place I'm invited to go on some runs. TOP OF MY BUCKET LIST!

I'm so moved and ecstatic with this opportunity. I have no other words for this. Lucky is the only one that comes to mind. Wait until then - I'm sure the experience will fly right off the page!!!!

Where should I put those plants?

I have a forsythia bush, a pussy willow and a jasmine that NEED, no MUST go in the ground this year. I just can't figure out where to put them.

We tore out a hedge and will replace it with a fence that will match the one on the driveway side, so I thought somewhere at the end of the fence (road end of fence) would be good for the forsythia. I just adore them at this time of year - they are sooo happy and vibrant yellow - they just make me smile (even when I want to cry).

I think there is a theme this month, don't you?

I think the jasmine needs to climb on a fence so that would mean I have to find the right spot for that in the back yard, but I don't want it to tangle in with other plants, preventing mass choking of either.

I'll need to research Pussy willow to see where they best live. My day is never done.

Do you ever cry?

There is so much to cry about. The way Canada was portrayed in the opening and closing ceremonies - pride can make you tear up.
How about the little flower girls at the skating events during the Olympics - did you see the one little girl they did a story on; she was a double leg amputee - what a trouper - on skates OMG you go girl! Well that melted my heart - teared up again. Then Joannie Rochette skated - held my breath. More tears.
How about the two girl bobsled that flipped - they were ok, thank goodness - was ready for the kleenex.
ok enough - now we are into week 2 of olympic hangover/withdrawal. But wait - there are the Paralympics coming - yes, this Friday and oh look - there is snow on the mountains. YAY
The fighter jets have disappeared from the airport, The signs on the street telling us we can't drive or stop in this lane from now until then are gone, the olympic rings are being dismantled - what about the Paralympians? Their event tickets are beyond reasonable, I'm looking into getting a ticket to something - I'm even sporting crutches and a wheelchair due to a fractured pelvis. Another reason to cry during the Olympics - could only watch them from my living room - safer that way. But I'm ready to roll - I wheeled around Ikea the other day All By Myself! So Proud. gee there is that pride thing again. It certainly has been interesting seeing things from the point of view of someone injured. Lots of people are very nice about helping with doors and asking what happened. Some people give you the once over and you can see on their face they don't believe you have a problem cause there is no cast visible. They look skeptical. While in this position you find all kinds of new and inventive ways to get around, or carry things; when I was in Ikea I saw the store what felt like for the the first time, from a whole new point of view. But it was good. I enjoyed myself. I even bought 2 lamps, a rug, some cd cases and lightbulbs. Basically when my lap was full, I had to check out! I'm also sporting one of those SPARC cards. They get you the best parking - i feel guilty though, don't know why. There is a sense of power, odd, I find it. Also, having never used crutches before I am amazed at the workout I'm getting - I am exhausted by the end of the day. This healing process is a struggle. I just want to be better soon.