Sunday, November 21, 2010

Falling in random formation

November 21, 2010
I opened the blinds to expose the light of day. I looked away, then back to my view; There was one, then another, oh really? Is this true? Another and another, more falling ever so quietly in random formation. Large and small in silent attack of my yard.
Their approach made me think of aliens beginning their ascent to earth. My earth, my yard no less. I retreat and returned armed with pen and paper -- they knew something was up. All was still. No aliens. They dispersed to examine and report to the Head Ice.

I knew it wouldn't last, the second set of rookies are falling in willy-nilly fashion. Rookies! No control. They'll be salted for sure.

The straight shooters are coming in now -- with slow and graceful control. Only once in a while, with the help of some sharp wind, one will be catapulted diagonally to the ground at a speed that is sure to sting upon landing. Quiet again. Then one and another. No doubt it will be a slow and chilly takeover today. Best to stay out of sight.