Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Travel this year so far

Well not so far but far enough. Went to Vegas with a friend - what a friend indeed. I hope you all have friends that think enough of you to wheel you around town in a wheel chair. I'm so flattered. We had a great time and all our seats were changed at the shows to accommodate my mode of transportation. Like I said before - this has been an interesting experience, this injury of mine.

Anyway it is always nice to get away - the mountains I looked down upon from the airplane were all covered in snow - reminded me of the 7 minute frosting my mom used to make to ice cakes with. Even the hills that surrounded Vegas were covered in snow.

Next weekend I'm going to Victoria to see my cousin Ruth. She has just come back from a month in Hawaii. She had to participate in the Tsunami warning and she and friends all had to go to higher ground for the day - they left their condo at 5 am and returned about 4pm.

I say this about vacations - you must do things that you wouldn't normally do and if you don't have fun it is your own darn fault.

I'm going to Whistler for a weekend in April to work on a conference for some doctors. That will be a nice getaway even if I am working. Then we were planning a bit of a BC trip in June/July - but we'll see.

Oh and the highlight of my life - the Mars plane ride - TBA. shivver teehee, can hardly wait.
Oh yes and we have been invited to a 90 yr old birthday party - It is all about family and friends
Sure would like to go camping again. Been to long since I did that. We have a great tent and it is fairly new. I set it up in the back yard last year to see how all the pieces fit - they fit! That is what happened when I started to clean out the shed - I put up the tent - I wonder sometimes if I'm not afflicted with a bit of ADD. That sort of sidetracking happens to me when I want to really go to town and clean the house. I end up building something when I was really about to wash a floor. It isn't quite like procrastination but definitely sidetracking.

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