Monday, March 8, 2010

Do you ever cry?

There is so much to cry about. The way Canada was portrayed in the opening and closing ceremonies - pride can make you tear up.
How about the little flower girls at the skating events during the Olympics - did you see the one little girl they did a story on; she was a double leg amputee - what a trouper - on skates OMG you go girl! Well that melted my heart - teared up again. Then Joannie Rochette skated - held my breath. More tears.
How about the two girl bobsled that flipped - they were ok, thank goodness - was ready for the kleenex.
ok enough - now we are into week 2 of olympic hangover/withdrawal. But wait - there are the Paralympics coming - yes, this Friday and oh look - there is snow on the mountains. YAY
The fighter jets have disappeared from the airport, The signs on the street telling us we can't drive or stop in this lane from now until then are gone, the olympic rings are being dismantled - what about the Paralympians? Their event tickets are beyond reasonable, I'm looking into getting a ticket to something - I'm even sporting crutches and a wheelchair due to a fractured pelvis. Another reason to cry during the Olympics - could only watch them from my living room - safer that way. But I'm ready to roll - I wheeled around Ikea the other day All By Myself! So Proud. gee there is that pride thing again. It certainly has been interesting seeing things from the point of view of someone injured. Lots of people are very nice about helping with doors and asking what happened. Some people give you the once over and you can see on their face they don't believe you have a problem cause there is no cast visible. They look skeptical. While in this position you find all kinds of new and inventive ways to get around, or carry things; when I was in Ikea I saw the store what felt like for the the first time, from a whole new point of view. But it was good. I enjoyed myself. I even bought 2 lamps, a rug, some cd cases and lightbulbs. Basically when my lap was full, I had to check out! I'm also sporting one of those SPARC cards. They get you the best parking - i feel guilty though, don't know why. There is a sense of power, odd, I find it. Also, having never used crutches before I am amazed at the workout I'm getting - I am exhausted by the end of the day. This healing process is a struggle. I just want to be better soon.

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