Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There's a skunk outside!

So I'm sitting here doing this and something goes bumpity bump bump a the corner of the house outside - it had reverberated at my feet, that is how close I am to the corner of the house on the inside. I ask my husband to investigate - I didn't think skunks just randomly bump up the side of your house; he doesn't see it but he can sure smell it so I go upstairs to the bedroom, open the window and yup, I smell it too. We know it is around here - we saw in on our back street one evening. A very large roly-poly doddling critter, a big critter this one was. Glistening fur and that white stripe. I'll have to tell you about the racoons in the house another time. And the young squirrel in the house too. Then there are stories about Stanley and Leisha. Poor Stan, he tried so hard to be nice - he got awful headaches. Poor kitty, Poor Stan.

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