Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finishing up 2012

The odd club here, the occasional concert there, visits and dinners, equals a balanced life back in the end of 2012. 
Speaking of balance, this is something I haven't been doing so well this year.  We determine in October via the findings from an MRI or CT scan that I am in need of a hip replacement. So lets go back to the Olympics year where I spent 8 months on crutches due to not one but 2 fractures on my right pelvis.  So now 2 years later we need a new right hip. Not the same animal, keep this in mind, same vicinity, but two entirely different problems.
I saw the orthopaedic surgeon in December and he says, yes, I am a good candidate for the surgery.  Just worn out. (Too much Hula is my story and I'm sticking to it!)  So anytime between December 4th and the end of March 2013 is when I can expect to have this done.  So in my mind the timing for this is not that bad.  What is the problem is that I just don't know when to give in to pain and see the doctor, sooner rather than later.  I'm sure I could have been healing sometime in the autumn had I pursued the pain sooner. I have seriously learned my lesson.  In fact now I go to the doctor for every little odd sign that is out of the ordinary. 
Ok, I can accept this, pretty much have to and I am ok with major surgery.  I Google, and Youtube and read as much as I can and am pretty comfortable with the whole concept. Some of the scientists are finding out things for me. I throw some test questions at the surgeon, hmmmm, now I might have concerns as I'm not liking his response to my questions - he has given the wrong answers. I have up to 3 months to get my house in order both at home and work.  Tough task.  I also have lots of Groupons to use up before I go to the hospital so I time those throughout the months and before they expire.  Organization is the key.  I call the surgeons office frequently and send them information so they know that I am keen and knowledgeable.  I ask lots more questions. Getting good answers now.
All my people at work have been extremely kind, helpful and understanding. Very supportive too. I am very lucky.  The pain at this point is more ingrained now but movement is more debilitating than anything. Really tired of taking the painkillers. They almost do the trick.