Monday, August 30, 2010

Dateline: August 30 and the grants are flying at me fast and furious

Well that title pretty much sums up the the first part of today's entry. We won a journal from Safeway pulltabs. I was in a parade with 600 motorcycles on Saturday and I got to stop traffic on a major thoroughfare to let them all out of a parking lot. That was fun. I'm not on crutches anymore - that makes me VERY happy. Huge boost to my mental state knowing that the physical state is finally getting better. Not perfect yet and it will be some time yet but I've come this far and I have nothing but time and my patience back. I actually weeded the garden on Saturday too.
That felt good. However the back gardens need my attention now so maybe I'll do a little bit tomorrow. I have 5 days off coming up - so excited. An extra long weekend. The weather is cooler today, even at lunch time. That was a surprise. I went out at lunch expecting warmth and brrrrrr.......
So if Best Buy has dropped the price on a TV I'm looking at by $200 what is the chance that it will go lower? hmmmmm do I feel lucky? Well punk, do I? How long should I wait on this one? It was going to be our Christmas present. What to do, what to do? I'm open to suggestions. Anyone?
Let's see, what else is new..... hmmmmmm...... I seem to have lost a bit of weight. I think that comes with being more mobile. I saw Lady Gaga concert with a good friend. Was a fantastic production. Would have gone the second night too, it was that good. Even the opening act were good - pretty funny and entertaining. Then we saw Huey Lewis and the News at the PNE. How's that for contrast. The sound there was amazing.
I've gone through and looked at the posts by the people that I follow and my closest buddies haven't posted. Kind of like me I guess. Well get back at 'er folks! And I will too. I've been thinking about taking another course. Haven't delved into what yet though. Even art or drawing because the only think I can draw are flies.
Currently reading the MacKenzie Phillips biography "High on Arrival" OMG - what a story this is. Amazing she is still alive - what an existence for a child to go through and that is only the first chapter.

I want to have a party but the man seems to balk at giving me a list of people he would like to invite. I can't even get him to go a conference (that he should attend) in Las Vegas in November. It would be a write off and fun too! What a pickle puss he is sometimes. That is what he used to call me. Well that is lots of ramblings for now. Something to keep you interested. See ya later!