Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My poor blackberry; well maybe just poor me!
My problem is threefold: 1) I can't get it to cross-sync to my outlook calendar on my laptop 2) my laptop only has this year's info in the calendar, my bb has way more. 3) one of the email addresses that I have going to it won't give me the option to delete on both my bb and my email.
I'll have to contact BB I guess, that is not a fun time for me. It is difficult dealing with techies. - more patience for me - I have to have all my facts straight before I make the call. And then they manage to get me rattled and ask me hard questions.
I pay people to get this stuff figured out. It should just work. Of course it should - the store that I got my BB from is no help. They just sell the equipment - The girl I bought mine from isn't there anymore - she is the reason I bought - she was so helpful and knowledgeable but alas, she went off to her 'dream job', like I said, Poor Me!

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