Monday, March 4, 2013

know thy blog(s)!

Note to self - know thy blog(s)! apparently I wrote about random formations when it happened back in Nov 2010. Sheesh, I am embarrassed. :(
I wrote the following on November 21, 2010. I opened the blinds to expose the light of day. I looked away, then back to my view; there was one, then another, oh really? Is this true? Another and another, more falling ever so quietly in random formation. Large and small in silent attack of my yard. Their approach made me think of aliens beginning their ascent to earth. My earth, my yard no less. I retreat and returned armed with pen and paper - they knew something was up. All was still. No aliens. They dispersed to examine and report to the Head Ice. I knew it wouldn't last, the second set of rookies are falling in willie-nillie fashion. Rookies. No control. They'll be salted for sure. The straight shooters are coming in now - with slow and graceful control. Only once in a while, with the help of some sharp wind, one will be catapulted diagonally to the ground at a speed that is sure to sting upon landing. Quiet again, then one and another. No doubt it will be a slow and chill takeover today. Best to stay out of sight. Ouij.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yes another year has sped past me yet again. However so much has happened - I have been poised to have a total hip replacement in 13 days from now. So let me take you back to April last year where we last left off. I had 3 weeks holidays where we went to Kauai, Las Vegas and Nelson BC. Kauai was lovely but this is where I started to feel uncomfortable. I thought it was the combination of the car we rented (seat seemed uncomfortable) and the fact that I didn't sleep with pillow under my knees. Then the Vegas trip had me walking the strip shaped like the letter C. We went for massage and I thought the woman was going to rip my leg off. The Nelson trip was nice - we doddled across the lower level of the province and back again. Visited some cousins in Montrose and looked for my childhood house. The fact that we were driving was nice and it caused no strain on the body until I had to exit the car. So thinking that I've just pulled muscles somehow and the fact that I was finding it brutally difficult to do anything in Yoga let alone anything else in the gym, I finally decided to go see the doctor. First he said, well we will just manage the pain. Started back at my chiropractor - but that wasn't doing anything for me. I had a reservation to rent a scooter but when I looked at it, the mere thought of sitting on it wondering if I would tip over and not be able to save myself (on the right side) just had me walking away sadly - I have wanted to ride a scooter for a number of years now. Now it will never happen I am sorry to say. I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon at the end of June but for my shoulder. Well don't ya know that my long-head bicep tendon on my left arm has been sprung. But it gets better, when they compared the left shoulder to the right shoulder they found they match! yessirreebob I blew out the right arm tendon a bunch of years prior. So presently this pain was overriding the hip pain. I bought a new car. My little lovely Malibu Maxx was giving me some signals that it might be time to trade it in and I was correct. Got quite the $$$trade in. Timing is everything. So the new ride is an ashen-grey 2012 Chev Equinox. Loving it. Didn't even have separation anxiety when I left my Maxx in White Rock. Meanwhile the pain in lower quadrant is looming - I went to the pool and discovered that the buoyancy allows you to do things you just can't do on land. Yay. Walking is still a struggle. I canvassed my workplace and gathered quite the list of physio people to see. I chose one in Surrey. The man is marvelous. TENS therapy, Heat, Accupuncture and pelvic manipulation. Can you spell Relief!!!!! Finally........ Went to Lions game with Mrs. Cox. that was fun, difficult walking - she was quite worried. Lions lost. Two weeks after I take delivery of my car I get a call to test drive a BMW. If I do I get a $50 Fairmont Hotel gift card. Ummmm Yeah... well what a surprise that was. Great drive, great car and I talked it up to everyone I saw after that. Gee I could become a convert from Chevy to BMW. It was amazing. Went to my FIRST Roller Derby match - no I wasn't skating - I was in the audience cheering on one of the former lab students who has taken up the sport. That was a lot of fun. Went to a bigger and better match in Richmond with Mary Mary from the old 'hood. She enjoyed it too. We went to see Bonnie Raitt. Was royally entertained. She is amazing. Spent my 2nd not so happy birthday. I think I've figured it out now. I'm not letting that happen again. Already started planning a party for myself for 2013. I'm going to close this entry by telling you that I drove to Seattle early October to see those charming Italian youth known as Il Volo - they are 18 years old and put on a wonderful show. They were coming to Vancouver to sing on the Barbara Streisand concert but I didn't want to see her,, I wanted to see them. So glad I went. Next I will fill you in on my antics from November 2012 onward. Oh, also, you must log onto a Blog entitled "2 Fat People in an RV", hilarious. enjoy