Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where did that weekend go?

I guess I am always asking a question of sorts these days.
I didn't really see the sunshine this weekend - too much to do indoors and I had to go the dentist. That was a surprise - didn't have an alert pop up at me the day before so at 0900 I retrieved a voice mail that said "you have an appointment at 11:00"
Well that pretty much instantly put me in a grumpy mood - headache AND the dentist? oh boy - such a day for me! Seems I get to go back to my old regime of see the beloved dentist 3 times a year - bone loss = deeper pockets in the gums = larger margins = means I really have to floss every day to disturb any bacteria. This will help.
I promise I will floss every day. Write this 100 time for it to sink in. I'm sure all of you out there floss more than once a day and now you look at me poorly. Oh well, they say my brushing is very good.

Spent Sunday working on my doctors conference coming up. It is looking marvelous. But where in the heck is my little BCIT student? I do believe she is MIA. Must PHONE her - emailing doesn't work too well it seems. Maybe I scared her. I better check with her mom (a really good friend of mine)

I consulted my Vegan with a Vengance cookbook and came up with Maple Walnut Cookies for "cookie monday" - turned out pretty good, the boy has consumed 4 and the man has had 3. I scooped for the office before they've had at them. I've had one and I think I'll have another as a reward for everything I've done today. It is 10:32 and I'm signing off.

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