Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red Devils Food Cake for the Virginian

So somebody at work will turn 50 tomorrow - ha ha - no sympathy from me, buddy!
My colleague, Amy, (who is the cake baker of the world) is decorating his office and I will make a Red Devils Food Cake (from scratch).

The only problem is I put it into the oven at 9:00 - what is the problem you ask? What time do you think I will frost it? - My guess is the morning. ugh - it will be fresher that way I suppose - no crumbs because it will be cool.

Hope I sleep tonight. Brought work home and don't see myself doing it. Bring it home, take it back and repeat.

So from the left over pork chops I made a lovely soup in one pot and pork fried rice in another. mmmmmmm

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