Friday, April 9, 2010

I could have sworn I wrote something yesterday......

I know I logged in last night. Thought about writing, obviously it didn't materialize. Oh well.
Today is another day. Met a couple of very bright doctors at the cancer agency. They took turns giving the man the once over. Bottom line is he is reasonably healthy but does indeed need surgery. Boo.
So back to the orginal doctor we go. Once the original one and the new one get their facts in order we should have an appointment and some pretty invasive face surgery done. He has slow growing cancer in the epidermis. They don't want to leave it even though it is somewhat contained. Man, pay attention, for crying out loud - it's cancer - get rid of it. Now. Like 4 weeks ago. But a 2nd opinion is allowed and we've done that and we are all good. No major trips planned - so no tickets to worry about cashing in, a bit of a driving trip planned but we will play that one by ear. Let's get better and get on with our lives.
A word to the wise - No more sun worshipping, ok? People, are you listening? Lots of sunscreen, glasses, hats etc. Off to see Mark Knopfler now. Nice reward for visiting the doctor today. oh and a ps: the doctor has a piano that needs tuning and wouldn't you know it he also has 4, count em, 4 accordions that need a bit of an inspection. HAHAHAHHA Yes we gave him our card.

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