Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mark Knopfler last night

Well after that grueling day it was nice to sit at the theatre and people-watch. We marvel at looking to see who comes to the concerts we choose to go to. We are finding there are vast differences in the audiences. I guess that means we have a vast taste in music.
The show started right on time at 7:30 with an opening act Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey, a simple but complex and haunting duo with shades of the south or ozarks. Her voice seemed the same in all the songs but what saved her was the repositioning of the capo on her guitar with each song. She was a very good artist, don't get me wrong. Something definitely different. She announced that she is fortunate to be doing the entire tour with Mark.

Intermission then the headliners. Great setup on stage, the entire Dire Straits group plus an number of others. We decide that Mark was paying the guys enough that he insisted they all have nice shoes. Nothing scuffed or sneaker/like was seen. How refreshing.

The lighting was the best I've seen for a long time if not ever. One, maybe 2 songs that I knew and the rest were off the new cd for sure with blue grass overtones and what I'll deem as celt-lantic sounds with some traditional Knopfler styling interspersed. I felt the concert may have been wasted on me as it truly was a musicians concert, not that I didn't enjoy it - it was thinking man's concert for those who know music - maybe I've just not been subjected to him enough. There was film footage smattered here and there throughout the night but what was really unique was the cameras strategically placed on the mic stand and on the end of his guitar. We witnessed his playing and fingering. All these touches added to what was a wonderful evening.

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