Saturday, April 3, 2010

'Freakin' computer!

Every year at tax time something always goes wrong with my computer.
Yesterday it said I didn't have enough disc space to save my new year's worth of Simply Accounting for my husband's business.
I had to save it to some dorky little USB drive I won on a Safeway game.
I have an external 500 gig harddrive that my PC man said isn't working the way it should. I tried all day today - some success but the files are in some cryptic format so I don't know how I would work with them from this drive - thought it would be nice to use laptop as a tool instead of a storage facility; therefore having the external drive as the storage facility. Not so. Dilemma - do I buy another external drive and see how it behaves? or just get a bigger, more powerful laptop and hope that I don't lose it or have it stolen. If I get a new one it means a lot of trauma for me: learning new windows applications, transferring files, having the Hospital do their magic to it. Decisions, decisions. A new one would be nice - I could run parallel for a while while I learn the new applications. Syncing my blackberry is causing me grief too. Oh drat technology.

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