Friday, March 11, 2011

Almost ready to walk away from technology

I'll be up for sainthood soon with the patience I have been showing since December 22, 2010.
New Blackberry Bold 9780 to replace my sweet little friend BBCurve. I broke her. Bold is giving me attitude. Keyboard is stiff, unintuitive, unfriendly. And the biggy - I can't sync my old calendar to the new phone to my laptop and have all events showing back to 2008. Any suggestions to this?
As of yesterday we have the calendar from old phone sync'd to new phone and that is where it stops. So I might be half happy.

Next my work computer packed it in on Feb 24, 2011. Capacitors blew up. So the hospital doesn't seem to want me to work very hard very soon. Received a new computer and eventually they hooked me up to the network (only in a partial capacity) and now waiting for the finalization - desktop, permanent profile and admin rights to install software. Well don't you know - the new one packed it in today too. So now we repeat all the above. Sorry Doctors - can't help you - Hospital doesn't want me to work for the next couple of weeks.

So on top of all this mayhem, Rogers land line was sold to Primus. Primus to migrate our data on March 1st. Home line done ok. Manly Mann's business line - not done, not good, 11 days with out a phone. We call them daily - they write up tickets. We email PR dept - get a call. We write to the CEO - TBA. We are losing business and need to pay bills. What do we do? On Day 9 I was told they take this very seriously. hmmmm

We'll see what the CEO has to say. Stay tuned for this one.

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